Utilizing Space - Helpful tips

What is your first thought when it comes to organizing your space? That is right, there is not really a first thought, more like a flood of ideas rushing in. It will be just fine, we promise. The very first step is to take a relaxing breath and understand this will be a process regardless how long or short it may be, and baby steps are OK.

  1. Start with a list. This will be your rough draft. Write down everything that you would like to accomplish. Take your time.
  2. Make notes. Example if you are going to organize a room in your house or office keep in mind that you may have closets or furniture that may have items that will need to be sorted. This will help you see the total scope of the work. 
  3. Prioritize your list. Should you have multiple spaces that you want to organize, evaluate which ones have the best benefit to you and your space.
  4. When you start the process be sure to organize and utilize every cabinet, drawer, shelf, and surface space for your storage needs. Evaluate the bins/containers items are stored in. Is it full? Do you have other items that have placement within? Can you condense down?  
  5. Always ask yourself: How often do I use this? If I place this here will it be accessible? Is this within reach of related items?
  6. Most people have very busy schedules. If all you have is an hour or 30 mins to give a few days of the week it will help you to chip away at the largest of projects. Should you have the time to tackle it in one sitting that will be one less item on your to do list.

I hope this has helped.